What Is Selfie Resume & Benifit Of it ?

What Is Selfie Resume & Benifit Of it ? -  With the development of Internet, the way of thinking of people is changing and new creative ideas are coming in their mind. Actually Selfie Resume came into the discussion 5 years ago when a girl named Sumukh Mehta gave her Resume through Selfie to a company, which had become quite viral at that time. Seeing his creative idea, GQ Magazine offered him a job. Now the question is coming in your mind that what is Selfie Resume and what is its Benifit?

What Is Selfie Resume & Benifit Of it

Actually Selfie Resume is a type of Video Resume through which you give complete information about yourself. Many times there is some information about us which is quite difficult to write and express on paper. Through Selfie Resume, you can talk openly about your likes and dislikes, as well as give complete information about your dressing sense etc.

What Is Selfie Resume

In 2016, a Hyderabad-based company started a new system by making 750 recruitments through Selfie Resume. After this, the Higher Company of Bengaluru organized a seminar and informed the youth about Selfie Resume. Paper is also saved due to Selfie Resume, as around 40 crore Paper Resume are lying in more than 4000 placement companies in India.

Many times, if you give a paper Resume, then it is not a matter of anyone to read or watch it. But if you give Selfie Resume, then he can easily see it and understand well about you. A new service in the field of technology has started since the introduction of Selfie Resume today. Through this, any candidate can very easily convey all their things to the recruiter.

Today, the video electronic media telecom industry is playing a big role in the job sector in India. Constant job opportunities are being created in these areas. Not only this, there has been a lot of boom in the electronic media and fashion world in the last few years. In such a way, through Selfie Resume, you can easily tell any recruiter about your communication skills, dressing sense, preferences etc. After seeing a selfie resume, the recruiter has some questions that you would not like to ask at all. It also saves a lot of time.

After watching the Selfie Resume, the HR Department gets a lot of convenience and after watching the videos, they easily understand which person is worth interviewing and which person is worth training. If they like your Selfie Resume, then they can also call you directly for training because it has happened many times.

What Are The Things To Keep In Mind While Creating Selfie Resume?

If you are making a Selfie Resume, then record it in less than 2 minutes. Because HR Department takes hardly 30 seconds to 1 minute to see your Resume. Also use better front camera. While recording Selfie Resume, pay special attention to the background, that is, you record Selfie Resume in a place where nothing special is visible behind.

Apart from this, Light also looks good in the video. Selfie was not very Serious while recording and was in Positive Mood. Do not do Pout etc. while giving Smile. That is, the video you shoot should be completely professional and it would be nice to see any professional person. You record the video in such a way that an interview is going on in front of you and you have been asked a question about you.

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